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10.30 - 12.00 | 4 November 2020 | ON24

Since the transfer of regulation of consumer credit from the Office of Fair Trading to the Financial Conduct Authority on 1 April 2014, it is fair to say that consumer finance firms have faced increasing levels of regulation.

But the global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the level of change leading many firms to question whether the regulatory regime is fit for purpose.

Partners Russell Kelsall and Noline Matemera teamed up with a range of industry experts from Gough Square Chambers, Provident Financial Group, Henderson Chambers and University of Leeds to talk about three key topics impacting consumer finance businesses:

  • Vulnerability
  • Creditworthiness (including the impact of the High Court’s decision in Kerrigan)
  • The impact of Covid-19

The webinar included a live Q&A session where attendees were given the opportunity to pose questions to our experts. Catch up on demand now.


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