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Artificial Intelligence – a new frontier

Another in TLT's series of events looking at digital futures.

Join us as we explore some of the key opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence.

On the agenda:

  • Is AI actually intelligent?
    Is there an AI out there now that could fool a human mind and pass the Turing test? We will be discussing why AI is more than just mere processing power and what makes a system intelligent.
  • How do intellectual property rights apply to AI?
    Can AI create new works, and if so who owns these works? How can we manage the risks and uncertainty around ownership in IP rights "created" by an AI?
  • Privacy and ethics in AI
    The application of the General Data Protection Regulation principles to the development and deployment of AI. What are the risks and challenges of using AI to make wholly automated decisions about individuals? How do ethical considerations link to the privacy legal framework? We will discuss how an ethical approach can help to facilitate compliance.


Daniel Lloyd, Partner, TLT LLP

Emma Erskine-Fox, Associate, TLT LLP

Brian Craig, Legal Director, TLT LLP

Juliet Mason, Legal Director, TLT LLP


16.00 – Registration

16.30 – Presentations

17.30 – Q&A

17.45 – Networking and drinks

18.30 – Close


20 Gresham Street
United Kingdom

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