Coronavirus response solutions

Tried and tested solutions to support key legal challenges arising from the coronavirus

The coronavirus is impacting businesses in unprecedented ways. In-house legal departments are having to rapidly respond to new challenges, when resources may be depleted and budgets limited.

While some businesses are experiencing high levels of activity, others are suffering from reduced headcount due to absence or remote working issues.

Whatever your situation, we can offer emergency advice and additional resources to help meet your most urgent business needs.

We've configured four of our tried and tested TLT FutureLaw solutions to address some of the immediate challenges facing legal teams. These are highly customisable, quickly deployed and cost effective solutions to support you at this time of crisis.

Key benefits

Remote support

Remote legal support

On demand access to scalable teams of lawyers, using efficient process, playbooks and technology, and managed to address key business challenges.


Assessing and addressing contract risk

Efficient automated analysis of large volumes of contracts. Where signed, to identify exposure. When being negotiated, to identify and mitigate risk.

Electronic signature

Remote signatures

A fast, reliable service for managing contract signatures remotely.

How it works

Automatic extraction

Automated extraction & analysis of existing contracts

A configured version of our TLT One platform that uses AI to review large numbers of existing contracts, extract key information and analyse this for pandemic related risks, such as termination, suspension and force majeure.

Automated review

Automated review and advice on new contracts

A configured version of TLT LegalSifter that uses AI to review contracts being negotiated, to identify pandemic related risks and to provide approved advice and alternative clauses, such as for termination, suspension and force majeure.

Projects and outsourcing

Projects and outsourcing

TLT Applied is a managed legal service to support your delivery of a key project, or to outsource an entire function, where you need additional resources.

Electronic signature

Signature as a Service

A configured version of our TLT One platform for when you just want to execute documents electronically. Using an electronic signature solution to manage the signing process for multiple signatories in multiple location.

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