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Automated Regulated Contracts

When new regulations require changes to potentially thousands of documents, you need a solution that harnesses the power of AI with legal expertise for fast and compliant results.

TLT’s Automated Regulated Contracts solution gives you automated tools that guarantee quality and minimise risk across thousands of documents.

How it works

By maximising automation and using artificial intelligence (AI) alongside our legal expertise we can help you:

  • Review thousands of existing documents to identify provisions that need to change to achieve compliance with new regulations
  • A managed remediation programme using standard processes to amend existing contracts to achieve compliance
  • An automated solution for drafting new documents on your paper, to ensure all new provisions are included based on new template contracts
  • An artificial intelligence solution to read and understand terms from suppliers and other third parties, to flag changes needed to achieve compliance and to embed new playbooks
  • Delivered as an end-to-end solution or as separate modules
  • For fixed value based pricing 

With our fast, smart contract review and creation service:

  • Compliance is assured (and demonstrated)
  • Quality and consistency is achieved
  • Control is regained
  • Risk is mitigated and
  • The overall customer/user experience is improved.

Case study: European Banking Authority Guidelines 2019

Reviewing and amending thousands of existing contracts with outsourced providers to comply with the complex new European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines is a daunting task. A lack of clarity over what changes are needed and a frequent absence of any central record of key terms can make the challenge harder.

Ensuring that new contracts are compliant is not straightforward either. Evidence requirements are stringent, existing templates and ‘playbooks’ of options may need to be changed and ‘output’ based guidelines may result in different interpretations of compliance between you and your supplier.

Automating some or all of the process can enhance quality and mitigate risk. Our Automated Regulated Contracts solution has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the EBA with these outcomes front of mind.

Why choose TLT?

We combine people, process and technology to deliver best value for our clients: using best-in-class automation systems and digitised processes plus our firm’s extensive legal expertise for quality, consistency and efficiency of service.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about TLT’s Automated Regulated Contracts solution, call Dan Read or David Gardner, and they'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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