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Fixed charge receivers

Our team advises secured lenders and fixed charge receivers, supporting on the process of appointment and any contentious issues that may arise. We act for most of the UK's major clearing banks, together with a number of international banks, private banks and building societies. 

We also act for receivers in validating their appointment, helping them to deal with non-paying tenants and tenants that are required to vacate a property at the end of a tenancy. The team advises lenders and receivers on all aspects of receivership. This includes ensuring the appointment is valid, and that the receiver knows the powers they have under the mortgage conditions. We have a specialist team that ensures the validation is completed in a timely manner, so that the receiver can accept the appointment and start to manage the property and collect rent.

We use our experience to help receivers handle any issues arising from their appointment and management of properties. From non-paying tenants and those who refuse to vacate the property at the end of a tenancy, to disputes with borrowers regarding the nature of their appointment; our team takes a commercial and practical approach to finding a resolution.

We have considerable experience advising on any contentious issues that may arise during the appointment of receivers or the enforcement of security. These range from possession actions against tenants and advice on enforcement involving agricultural land, to actions against trespassers.

We regularly deal with injunctions against banks and their appointed receivers, either to prevent the appointment of receivers or to prevent those receivers taking actions. We also deal with issues affecting receivers and banks as a result of Restraining Orders against properties.

Combining our understanding of acting for lenders with unparalleled experience of acting for receivers on buy-to-let properties and property portfolios, we're solicitors of choice for many lenders and receiver practices. Indeed, we have long-term relationships with most of the leading receivers in the UK.

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