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Judicial review & procurement disputes

Our team of specialists understands that many businesses can be significantly affected by decisions taken by public bodies or bodies exercising public functions. We advise clients on how best to scrutinise and challenge contract awards under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006, as well as advising on how to take action by way of judicial review in relation to decisions that impact upon them.

Clients include businesses that work under contract for public bodies or who are directly or indirectly affected by decisions of bodies exercising public functions.

Our team reviews and advises clients on public procurement exercises and the potential to challenge contract awards. We work closely with our clients in the review and analysis stage of complex and substantial procurement exercises and other decision-making processes adopted by public bodies. We support clients in obtaining further evidence to ensure that all relevant information is taken into account.

Our expertise lies in the detailed review and identification of failures in those major procurement exercises and other decision-making processes. We help obtain evidence to support our clients’ claims and secure answers from the relevant bodies to answer their complaints. The team then closely consider with the client the commercial benefits of a challenge, before taking formal action as required.

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