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Not all law firms are created equal.

So, you've decided to pursue a career in law. At TLT, we'll make sure that decision is the best one you ever make. Rest assured, there's plenty of magic to be found here.

Since 2000, we are proud to have had two simple aims. To help our clients succeed, and to help you succeed too. Because the success of our firm depends on our people.

We believe that your ambition shouldn't just be reserved for work. That's why we encourage our trainees to pursue their interests and passions outside of it too.

With a choice of up to 26 seats depending on your location, you’ll experience every area of legal work from high value court cases to our strong, ongoing partnerships with companies across the UK.

Find out more about what you can expect from our training contracts in London, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow.

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As a trainee, I'm inspired by senior colleagues in my team - they serve as examples of where I want to end up in my own career.
Krish ,
Trainee, London

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